Renewable Energy

Aluminium plays an important role in wind power plants.

The first step to building a wind farm is wind turbines, power generation systems, converter stations, transmission lines, etc. is need to build. Aluminium can be used in these projects, structures and facilities to benefit from the properties of aluminium such as durability and lightness. For example, wings, towers and connectors can be made of aluminium alloy to generate electricity. Many parts, cabinets and brackets in the system and converter station can also be made of aluminium. Except for some of the wires and cables that need to be made of copper wire, the rest can be made of aluminum wire.

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Solar power systems fall into three commonly used categories called concentrated solar power (CSP), solar thermal absorbers, and photovoltaic solar cells (PV). Aluminum is ideal for solar panel structures as it is light and easy to transport, strong and robust, and also resistant to corrosion. With high-quality surface treatments, aluminum can be quickly cut, drilled and cut to length to precise specifications; this is a great advantage for mounting PV panels on the ground.

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