Our Policies

Safety and Environment Policy

  • Protect environment and minimize damages arising from our activities, products and services,
  • Continuously improve by reviewing environmental impact and safety risks,
  • Comply all regulations, standards and fully meet all compliance obligations,
  • Continuously improve our management system to increase environment and Safety performance,
  • Eliminate all safety and environmental hazards and reduce risks,
  • Increase employee awerness and motivate for effective involvement,
  • Establish a safe and healthy work place to prevent injuries and health problems,
  • Add value to environment by recycling, reducing waste, energy loss and natural resources,
  • Follow new technologies for environment and safety to minimize injuries and pollution.

Quality Policy

  • Continuously improve quality based on customer needs and expectations,
  • Implement effective quality management system and improve continuously,
  • Protect problems through preventive approach and implement risk based approach,
  • Meet all applicable requirements in our management systems,
  • Implement efficient, effective, objective approach and comply with all related law, regulations and standards,
  • Improve competencies of employees, work as a team and result oriented for a better product and services,
  • Create sustainable value together with all shareholders.

Information Technology Policy

  • Compliance with all legal regulations and contracts regarding Information Security,
  • Systematic management of risks to our information assets,
  • To provide trainings to develop technical and behavioural competencies in order to increase Information Security awareness,
  • The execution of our information security policy through confidentiality, integrity and accessibility is guaranteed on behalf of the companies and employees of our company.

Energy Policy

  • Protects the environment; we minimize the damages caused by our activities, products and services,
  • We regularly review the energy impacts, emissions and risks of our activities and continuously improve them,
  • We act in accordance with the applicable legal and other conditions regarding energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption, and fully fulfil the compliance obligations,
  • We continuously improve our management system to increase energy management and performance,
  • We create employees who are sensitive to energy and natural resources and encourage their active participation,
  • We contribute to the environment through waste management and recycling by reducing energy and natural resource consumption,
  • Develop energy efficiency projects to reduce the effects of climate change, we aim for sustainable growth,
  • We provide information and necessary resources for the realization of the energy management system and energy targets,
  • We supply energy efficient products and services that affect energy performance and develop our stakeholders.

• Social and Ethics Committees Policy

  • We will not employ child labour under the legal age limits,
  • We will treat all our employees within the principles of equality in terms of recruitment, wages, promotions, complaints and dismissals,
  • We will not employ workers forcibly and involuntarily,
  • Our employees can use their personal rights fully and correctly,
  • We will not make institutional punishments, we will not allow verbal, physical and psychological harassment or coercion,
  • We will not pressure our employees not to become members of any legal society,
  • We will not discriminate against religion, belief, language, race, sexual orientation, age or gender,
  • We will determine the working hours and overtime according to the legal limits, base the minimum wage on which the basic expenses of the employees can be met, and pay the overtime wages as stipulated by the laws,
  • We will provide appropriate working conditions, believing that our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment, in working conditions suitable for human dignity,
  • We will not allow bribery to be taken or given, and we will not have relations with third parties who want to enter into commercial relations through bribery and corruption,
  • We will not accept or give gifts other than symbolic ones,
  • We will keep the financial and commercial information of both our company and our customers with whom we have commercial relations as private and keep them confidential, and that we will inform our employees about this matter,
  • We will comply with the relevant laws regarding anti-monopoly and money laundering,
  • We will comply with the commercial laws of the foreign companies with which we have commercial relations in their own countries,
  • We will not allow people to do illegal work by imposing on employees by using their position and seniority,
  • We will act in accordance with ethical values and rules,
  • We are against illegal issues such as slave and human trafficking,
  • Pregnant, trainee and special risk group employees cannot work more than 7.5 hours a day and at night within legal limits,
  • All employees can put their complaints and opinions in the suggestion complaint boxes without specifying their names.

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