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Nikola TESLA

Our Innovation

In order to keep innovations and developments continuous, we continue our R&D activities with our wide expert staff consisting of masters and new talents. We continue to keep the pulse of sector with our innovative perspective and to develop and progress day by day with the experiences we have gained.

In order to keep our R&D activities dynamic, we closely observe the Customer-Sales-Production-Quality chain at every stage with great care. In this way, we try to detect the problems that may occur in advance and constantly improve our products and production processes against possible problems. We continue to walk towards our target of innovation, in the light of science and cooperation of leading universities and research institutions of Turkey.


Pantech Aluminium; of their customers; In order to make production in accordance with the quality standards that it has determined on the basis of needs, expectations and satisfaction; It carries out its activities by controlling every stage of production, storage and shipment, starting with the purchase of raw materials and auxiliary materials.

In order to increase the competitiveness of our country and make it permanent, the most important establishment purpose is to produce new products within the scope of its fields of activity and to develop existing ones.

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